Bio D

We have been testing and tweaking this for 5 years… We did not want to just add a single cell yeast to one of our mixes and say it’s the next new great bait. We have tested a lot of flavours and liquids and we found that a lot of them either kill or retarded the yeast. We came up with our fruit palatant attractor which gives the mix the correct PH.

The base mix contains wheat germ, ground cereals and a hydrolysed animal product high in usable protein plus yeast. This is available in 8mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 15 mm, 18 mm, 20 mm, 22 mm and 26 mm round and barrels. We also supply pop ups, very buoyant pop ups, wafters and 2% hook baits in these sizes. Dips are available in hydrolysed liquid or food dip.

Sizes: 12 mm to 26 mm.
5 Kg £8.00 per Kg
10 Kg to 30 Kg £7.00 per Kg
31 Kg plus £6.75 per Kg
10 mm add £0.50 per Kg and 8 mm add £1.00 per Kg.
Hook baits are £5.00 a tub and very buoyant pop ups are £7.00 per tub.
Dips 250 ml £5.00 and 500 ml £9.00