Octopussy: this has taken nearly two years to design and test using a new product from the aquaculture industry.  I had to use all my chemical back ground (I worked in the fine chemical industry for 15 years) to produce a flavour package to balance the ph of this product making this a carp catcher as soon as it hits the water.

In field testing the bait has caught fish to 50lb in the U.K and 60lb in Europe.

Rolled Bait
5kg to 30kg – £7.00 per kg
30kg to 50kg – £6.50 per kg
50kg to 150kg – £6.00 per kg
Please call on prices on orders over 150 kg.

Note – For 12mm baits please add 50p per kilo, and for 10mm baits please add £1.00 per kilo to above prices.

Heavyweight Baits…
We can make your bait extra hard and extra heavy in all sizes; add £0.20p per kg.

Roll Your Own
10kg of base mix plus flavour pack £50.00.

We offer a full range of matching hookbaits, including pop ups, wafters and our special 2% bottom baits. Our hookbaits are made using the same basemix as the rolled bait with the inclusion of cork dust, so you know your hookbaits match perfectly with your freebait.

Pop Ups
2% Bottom Baits

60g tub £5.00

Matching Amino Bait Dip – £5.00


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