Enzyme: There’s been a lot of talk in recent years about the benefits of enzymes in bait, and we’re pleased to say that our groundbreaking reactive enzyme based bait, released back in 2007, has stood the test of time – and then some!!

Whilst many other so called ‘reactive’ baits have fallen by the wayside, our enzyme mix has gone from strength to strength, and has accounted for some of the largest fish hauls in the UK and beyond. Back in the early development of this bait it was clear we were onto a winner with the concept of a reactive enzyme-based bait, but nothing could have prepared us for the outstanding results that followed on waters throughout the UK and beyond.
With many bait companies still trying to unlock the secrets of reactive enzymes in carp baits we’re obviously remaining tight lipped about its workings and ingredients, to be honest we prefer to let the fish do the talking!

Rolled Bait
5kg to 30kg – £7.00 per kg
30kg to 50kg – £6.50 per kg
50kg to 150kg – £6.00 per kg
Please call on prices on orders over 150 kg.

Note – For 12mm baits please add 50p per kilo, and for 10mm baits please add £1.00 per kilo to above prices.

Heavyweight Baits…
We can make your bait extra hard and extra heavy in all sizes; add £0.20p per kg.

Roll Your Own
10kg of base mix plus flavour pack £50.00.

We offer a full range of matching hookbaits, including pop ups, wafters and our special 2% bottom baits. Our hookbaits are made using the same basemix as the rolled bait with the inclusion of cork dust, so you know your hookbaits match perfectly with your freebait.

Pop Ups
2% Bottom Baits

60g tub £5.00

Matching Amino Bait Dip – £5.00


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